Choosing Osteopathy provides a safe effective way to treat ailments of muscular and joint origin and  conditions related to these problems.

It offers “hands on”techniques to relieve pain and improve flexibility providing a solution to a wide range of presentations.

Here is only a small start to the types of things we can help you with :

  • headaches
  • referral pain
  • sciatica & lower back pain
  • discomfort during pregnancy
  • RSI
  • children’s condition such as scoliosis
  • whiplash injury
  • sporting injuries

Your first visit takes between 30 to 45 mins. allowing time for  your history to be documented, viewing any relevant  X Rays or scans and  a physical examination to lead to a diagnosis prior to treatment.

Here at Paddington Medical Centre we use gentle  yet effective techniques using a wide range of choices of  soft tissue and joint mobilisation methods including  the Cranial  Osteopathy approach.

The number of treatments you will need  can only be decided upon by your Osteopath after having treatment and is determined by your own individual presentation.

We can offer advice about exercise and stretching which can continue to help stabilise your presentation if this is deemed relevant to maintain a healthier lifestyle during  and after the treatment is finished.

Colleen Kent has a vast range of experience having worked for over 20 years as an Osteopath.

Osteopaths in NSW must all be registered with  the Osteopathy Board of Australia in order to practice.

We can treat  all ages from the newborn to the elderly.

Available Tuesday am, and Wednesday and Friday pm.

Rebates are available under Private Health Insurance.

A Doctor’s Referral is not required unless your situation involves a Motor Vehicle or Workcover.

Please feel free to call Colleen Kent at Paddington Medical Centre on 9361 0333 for any further queries should this website not answer your questions fully.