Advice about preventing transmission in the clinic

We would like to let you know that it is business as usual in our acupuncture clinic – with some sensible and practical precautions for us all to take to guard against any viral transmission .

We are committed to keeping our clinic a safe space where you can come for your treatments to maintain your health and wellbeing.
Unless you are directly in contact with an infected patient (in which case you will need to be self isolating), the risk of you contacting the disease is mainly from touching a surface on which the virus has landed, and then touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

Hence we are keeping all surfaces thoroughly disinfected, and are also asking every patient who enters the waiting room to wash their hands with our sanitizer. This way the risk of anyone unknowingly transmitting virus particles to any surfaces like door handles, desktop, magazines, pens, taps etc is very substantially reduced.

This means you can feel confident that, despite the fact there may have been a number of people in the clinic before you on any given day, there is little risk of virus contamination of any surfaces.

In addition, it is good practice to avoid touching your face and encouraging your children to do the same.

PLEASE NOTE that for anyone who has upper respiratory symptoms (cough, fever, sneezes etc) or has been in close contact with someone diagnosed with corona virus or has recently travelled in countries with Corona virus outbreaks, you are asked to call us before coming to the clinic. We will advise you of the best steps you can take.

Please take extra care of your immune systems by making sure you get plenty of sleep and eat well. Taking Zinc and Vitamin C may help with immune response and don’t forget grandmother’s chicken soup!! Click here for a supercharged chicken soup recipe. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us with any questions you might have, we look forward to seeing you -with clean hands, and open hearts.