Colleen Kent

portrait of Colleen Kent

Colleen Kent draws on 20 years of experience as an Osteopath.

She treats muscular, joint and nerve problems of not only the spine for all ages from newborn to the elderly but for peripheral joints too (i.e. hip, knee, ankle and feet). Discomfort associated with arthritis and other joint conditions, sport and work related issues, scoliosis, headaches and migraine and pregnancy are among some of the many common complaints osteopaths treat.

Colleen, a mother of two, welcomes treating babies and children and is well acquainted with paediatric conditions. For more information please visit Colleen’s website for adults, children and babies at

Colleen uses a wide range of soft tissue techniques and osteopathic methods including muscle energy technique,functional, cranial and also uses high velocity manipulation where applicable with adults.

After taking a thorough history it is decided what methods would be best for the patients condition.

Rebates available on Private Health Funds.

A Doctor’s referral is not needed as osteopaths are Primary Care Practitioners, unless you have a GP managment plan and wish to claim with medicare.

Student and pensioner concessions are available.

Registered for Work Cover, Motor Vehicle Accident Claims and EPC Scheme.