Dr Chris Tuckfield

BA, MBBS(Hons 1) Sydney University, MPhil(Cambridge) MRACGP

Chris graduated in Medicine with first class honours from the University of Sydney, before completing internship and residency at St Vincent’s Hospital Darlinghurst, followed by postgraduate study at Cambridge University.

He holds Specialist registration as a General Practitioner and has been practising in the Eastern Suburbs for more than twenty years.

Chris offers comprehensive individually focussed whole person care, with a strong interest in family and mental health. He enjoys collaboratively unravelling complex problems.

Interests include preventative health for men and women, women’s health, paediatrics (he is a parent!), depression, anxiety, ADHD, ASD, coeliac disease, proactive evidence-based approaches to pre manifest-Huntington’s Disease, modern approaches to nutrition, gut-brain health, skin disorders, and travel medicine.

In addition to the full range of high quality usual care he offers well researched integrative health options to complement this where useful.

Chris is accepting small numbers of new patients. Please book an hour if possible and bring in old records and test results where available (PDF preferred) for a first visit. Shorter initial visits are available for less complex issues. Our practice welcomes diversity.

Available now from 7.45am (or 7.30am on request) to make it easier to be seen before work or school.

Full professional member of the International Network for Integrative Mental Health http://www.inimh.org/