Many of our patients are worried about catching colds this autumn and winter – fearing it may be the novel corona virus infection.

In fact many of us will experience upper respiratory infections this season, and in most cases it will just be the common garden variety. Vaccines for this season’s flu will be available soon which will help to reduce the flu incidence.

Boosting ones resilience and immune system is the first and best strategy to maintaining health throughout autumn and winter. Getting enough sleep, eating well, trying not to get too stressed are all a good start. Additionally there are supplements and herbs which may help in this regard.

We are asking any patients who feel unwell, for example with a sore throat, fever, malaise etc to call their doctors and call us too.

Chinese medicine has many different herbal formulas which can address URTI symptoms if applied in a timely manner. There is no cure for the flu, or the common cold or for other corona viruses. But in some cases the associated symptoms can be lessened and the severity and the duration of the illness reduced.

We will offer phone or Zoom consults with anyone who is unwell with URTI or worried about becoming unwell.