Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Treatment by a doctor of Chinese medicine is preceded by an extensive analysis of your symptoms or condition to reach a TCM diagnosis. This is followed by treatment with acupuncture and/or prescription of Chinese herbs. Where appropriate advice on diet and lifestyle according to TCM principles may also be given.

For a first consultation you should allow about one and a half hours, and for follow up consultations, about one hour.

Margaret Bruce and Jane Lyttleton have a long history of supporting women and their health, dating back to early days of government funded women’s health centres in Sydney in the 70’s and 80’s. A never diminishing interest in this area and a commitment to providing excellent and appropriate care, means that the service they offer combines extensive experience and compassion.

From early April 2020, Marienne Cox will be seeing all of Jane and Margaret’s patients and dispensing herbs for them. They will be in very good hands, while Margaret and Jane take a break. We will add updates here often.