Social distancing in the TCM clinic

Keeping you safe, keeping us safe
Social distancing and effective barriers (in the time of CV)

The Australian government has requested people wherever possible to work from home. Many of us are also choosing to create social distance by limiting contact in social contexts.

I the TCM clinic at Paddington Medical Centre, we want to continue to be there for those of you who want or need to take advantage of the health care we offer, whether that be in the area of fertility or pregnancy, general wellbeing, stress management or immune resilience.

We are looking to offer some balance to the fear and paranoia that is on the rise in our community – with love and care and sensible precautions ensuring sterile surfaces, distancing and barrier methods.

Like so many other professions – for example midwives, dentists, surgeons, bus drivers, hairdressers and so on, ours is one generally done face to face. 

With our strong commitment to keeping all clinic surfaces sterile at all times and practicing appropriate distancing within that sterile environment, coming to the acupuncture clinic is something our patients can feel safe to do.

According to one of our cartoonist patients this is what social distancing might look like in the waiting room…….

and in the treatment room ……..

Seriously though, our waiting room is spacious enough to keep the recommended 1.5m away from others and we have other waiting area options too.

Taking pulses and applying acupuncture needles is a little more difficult to do at a distance. However the same effect as distancing can be achieved by creating effective barriers – masks for the face and either gloves or sanitised skin for the hands.

Phone Consultations
We are offering phone consultations and can post out relevant herb formulas. These prescriptions will be determined by your circumstances and symptoms – as is always the case with traditional Chinese medicine. It may be the sort of prescription we use when you are trying to conceive, or it may be a prescription you take when you feel stressed and sleep deprived, or one that is traditionally taken for upper respiratory tract symptoms or for when you just feel run down and vulnerable.